Hanoi is an ideal destination for foreigners of Vietnam private tours. You will forever remember the crowded streets, the friendly people and the colorful streets of this beautiful city. In order to enhance your experience even better, visiting these places in Hanoi with surely make your Vietnam tours become more unforgettable.

1. Hoan Kiem Lake

Vietnam private tours
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Hoan Kiem lake which marks the historical center of Hanoi is a must visit places in your tour packages in Vietnam. The name of this lake comes from a legend of Vietnamese – Emperor Le Loi. As the legend, he was given a magical sword by a turtle (known as the gods). He used that sword to defeat the invading Chinese. After the fight, one day he while he was boating in this lake, the turtle appeared then grabbed and carried the sword down to the depths.
Nowadays, this place is crowded by the people who practice t’ai chi on the shore every morning at around 6 am.
Visit this site for your private tours in Vietnam, you can see the ancient Jade Island and Temple of the Jade Mountain, which was built in the eighteenth century. You can come to this island via the red-painted picturesque Morning Sunlight Bridge.

Come to this place, you shouldn’t miss the chance to taste Trang Tien ice-cream, one of the best ice cream you ever had. This not only one of a kind ice-cream but also a dream of many children in Vietnam.

2. Hanoi’s Old Quarter 

Vietnam private tours
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The Old Quarter is a complication of the new and the old, as antique narrow streets between old brick buildings, covered in street vendors and modern motorbikes.

This site is also the complication of ancient temples and French Colonial architecture. The Old Quarter sits along the shore of Hoan Kiem lake.

This place is the ideal site to go in your Vietnam private tours because it is the center of many attractive places in Hanoi. From the Old Quarter, you can go to the Water Puppet Show on your foot.

Moreover, there is Dong Xuan market to in just some minutes by bus. You can buy clothes in this market with very cheap prices. You also can buy many other products in this market from snacks to wood or silver. If you want to buy souvenirs for your friends and family, this place must be the ideal destination for your private tours of Vietnam.

3. Temple of literature 

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The next destination of your Vietnam private tours in Hanoi must be the temple of Literature. It is one of the temples of Confucius and the nation’s first university. The temple was originally built in 1070, it is meant to honor all scholars in Vietnamese.

Nowadays, calligraphists usually write wishes in Han characters in the Tet holiday at the steps of it in order to give as gifts. You can give a try when you come here in your Vietnam holiday tour packages.

The temple is a place to replicate Confucius’ birthplace. It has five courtyards and various buildings and temples throughout the expansive grounds.

One of the most specials not is the Stelae of Doctors where you can find a series of more than 100 carved blue stone turtles with many names of all people who passed the royal exams.

4. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology


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Maybe you have known that Vietnam is a coagulation of 54 different ethnic groups. It is impossible for you to explore all of these ethnic groups but you can know all of them if you come to the Museum of Ethnology.

It not only a place that helps you widen your knowledge about Vietnam but also an exciting place to come because of colorful arts, daily objects, and historic artifacts. So that don’t miss the chance to explore this site in your Vietnam travel tour packages.

5. Hoa Lo prison 


Vietnam private tours

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The Hoa Lo Prison, coined the Hanoi Hilton by POWs (an American), was built originally by the French to confine political prisoners of Vietnam.

Then the Prison was used by the North Vietnamese Army to confine prisoners during the Vietnam War. The most well-known prisoners must be Senator John McCain, Bud Day, and James Stockdale.

Come to this place in your Vietnam private tours, you can get much knowledge about the severity of the war and Appreciate peace more than ever.

Let pack your package and explore all of these places!

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