After spending hours researching articles and guide books, I decided to went on a Vietnam adventure last year to fulfill my traveler’s dream. That trip was fantastic! There is no such a memorable and thrilling experience adventure like that journey.

You can go for hours but still would not cover everything. So if you once do five outdoor activities to adventure Vietnam, the following must be on top of my list.

1. Kayak around the islands of Halong bay 


 Vietnam adventure
Photo: Justin

Go on Vietnam adventure travel; you cannot miss the chance to explore Halong Bay, one of the most well-known destinations in Vietnam. It is not only visually amazing but also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With hundreds of limestone islands protrude from the misty, there is no better way to explore this landscape than kayaking from the water. You should spend the whole day exploring the hidden caves and fisherman villages, where people spent their entire life on the water.

But the most beautiful thing you can see in this adventure must be the sunset on the water. Until now, when I close my eyes, I still can see that magnificent scene.

2. Cycle in Sapa 


 Vietnam adventure
Photo: Justgola

This place is full of the green rice paddies. There is no better idea to explore this city than cycling. Go through farmland and field, across local villages and head to a small street with the most basic cafes.  This trip will become your most unforgettable memory in your Vietnam cycling tours.

Sapa is so different than the big cities in Vietnam such as Hanoi or Hochiminh city. Locals get money from visitors because their facilities are not well developed. Come to this city and cycling around, you not only can get memorable experience but also can feel good to help the locals out even only a small way.

3. Take an Overnight Sleeper Bus


 Vietnam adventure
Photo: Pommie

Sleeper bus or train must be your most exciting adventure activities in Vietnam when you are a backpacker. It not only can save your time when you have to travel a long road but also can help you can save money when you cannot afford for the flight.

The most exciting I’ve found on the overnight bus/train must be the stories locals told me. You known, Vietnamese is very friendly, if you cannot sleep, you can get a chat with the locals. They have so many funny stories to tell you. Your journey surely will go quicker as the stories they tell; I even hoped that the train could go slow down to hear more about the people, the tradition, and dishes in this beautiful place.

4. Go Sandboarding in Mui Ne


 Vietnam adventure
Photo: Vietnam plus

The most thrilling experience of my Vietnam adventure must be sandboarding in Mui Ne. There is no place in the world you can find more sand than this location. You must be overwhelmed of the sand dunes go on for miles and miles before your eyes. Make sure to hire the squad bike to go across the dunes and explore more spot. It could be so much fun when you can find your mojo.

There are so much more outdoor Vietnam adventure activities in Mui Ne for you to enjoy such as the Red Canyons, Fairy Springs. And don’t forget to watch the sunset over the sand dunes in the end of the day.

5. Go diving in Phu Quoc Island


 Vietnam adventure
Photo: Travel time

Phu Quoc is a fairy island with golden sands, palm trees, and turquoise oceans alive. This island becomes the best place to go diving in Vietnam adventure travel because of an endless array of wonderful and weird marine life.
If you are too tired of modern life with busy life and loudly horn car street, you should come to this quiet island. I’m sure that not many visitors know about this small island, but it is the perfect place to passing through in Vietnam if you love diving.

Vietnam is out of nowhere. There are so much funny and unique things in this country waiting for you to explore. I hope that my recommendations can give you some value information for your Vietnam adventure.