Like other countries all over the world, Myanmar, the Buddhist Asia country also has its own culture to distinguish with others. This country is not only famous because of its pagodas and temples, but also because of its most things. Top 5 following things are what you should care to prepare for your Myanmar adventure tour.

1.The simplest dress

One thing can make foreigners surprise is men in dress scene. Both men and women in Myanmar wear a dress called Longyi. Unlike other countries where traditional dress is worn only on special occasion, Myanmar people wear their traditional one daily. It is because the weather in Myanmar is so hot all the year, so wearing Longyi is such a great way to help them get better when working. For women, they can even use Longyi to cover their head and body if it rains or too hot in summer.

 Myanmar adventure tour

Longyi is a 2 meter in long and about 0,8 meter in a wide sheet of cloth, which is worn around the waist to the ankle. This cylindrical sheet is also different for men and women, Longyi for men is called Paso and the one used for women is Htamein. The way to tie is also not the same for both sexes, so Myanmar men always care about their Longyi when moving. You should buy one during your Burma tour to get convenient.

2.The simplest footwear

Together with Longyi, Myanmar(Burma)people often wear sandals /flip-flop instead of shoes. The first reason is also because of the hot weather. It is a good way to make your feet feel better and easy to move without socket and shoes.  The other reason is because of pagodas. It is not allowed to wear footwear when you want to come inside any pagodas and temple, so to make it easy, Burma uses flip flop instead. Burma people really visit pagodas so much every day, so if you wear high heel or shoes, it takes much time to take it off. Flip-flop is very popular for both young and old, boys and girls. You can take a great and interesting picture when seeing men in a suit with sandals instead of a pair of polish shoes.

 Myanmar adventure tour


3.The cheapest way to make up

Because the weather is hot, Myanmar girls and women do not use powder, blusher, and foundation as in other countries. They use what they have, cheap and safe. Thanakha is a popular tree in Myanmar. They use cortex of this tree together with a little of water to wash in the morning and use as their special lotion before going to bed.

 Myanmar adventure tour

If you take a Myanmar adventure tour, let try this kind of powder to make up. Myanmar believes that Thanakha cortex helps them to cool their skin, to reduce wrinkle, and it is also a kind of natural antipyretic. Although these days, many young girls buy modern makeup stuff to help their beauty, Myanmar people never forget their tradition way of life. Girls with Thanakha powder o their faces are what you can see during biking in Myanmar.

4. One of the most chewing betel countries in the world

In Myanmar, people also chew betel all day long. There is no difference among ages and sexes, all chew betel in normal daily life. If you spend your holiday in Myanmar, you can see many even young and beautiful girls with their mouth full of betel. For men in Myanmar, they chew betel to relax, like smoking cigarettes.
This costume is also met in Viet Nam. Vietnamese also consider chewing betel as the first step to start their story. But Vietnamese do not chew betel as much as Myanmar do. There is one different thing among these two countries is that Vietnamese people use areca nuts together with betel.

 Myanmar adventure tour

It is not difficult to take some pictures of Myanmar people chewing betel to complete your collection of your Burma tour photos. Just choose the right time and you can save great memories of them. For Europe tourists, who want to make their trip to Asia, Vietnam Myanmar tour is also a great idea to get experience with this special custom.

5.Have the most luxurious temples in the world

Do not need to say much, we all know Myanmar is such a very devout Buddhist country. They built many pagodas, many temples, both small and big, even huge ones. Myanmar spends much money, and many devote their gold to paint the wall of famous pagodas. Among biggest and most famous pagodas, we can name Shwedagon, Shwezigon, Kyaikto.

 Myanmar adventure tour

In Myanmar, pagodas are more than school, monks are more than police. They can devote all their life to what they believe. This Buddhist country attracts many people all around the world to come and visit these pagodas. Myanmar travel companies can earn much money during the holiday from this kind of customers. Every year, thousands of people come and take their time to relax, find peace and to pray for good things to happen. This feature also affects life of Myanmar much, especially in their festivals.

If you want to take a Myanmar In-depth tour, these 5 things are what you must know and remember. These most things are simple, easy to be put in your mind and be interesting, too. “Myanmar” will sure help you complete your “adventure tour “ better than you can expect.

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