Summer time is the best suitable for trips, especially some active Vietnam travels to beaches because all the tourists love the stunning sceneries and extremely comfortable atmosphere there. This is also one way to escape from the hot weather and busy life in the urban cities to enjoy the natural beauty. Before every trip for an adventure in Vietnam like that, what everyone needs to know is something to aware and remember for a memorable trip with a lot of fun. In this article, there are some most outstanding things to note down so that you will never have to worry about forgetting anything for your next trip in the summer to Vietnam.

Active Vietnam travel


1. Foods

In the summer, the temperature is often very high. Therefore, you should not bring too many foods for a trip to beaches or everywhere else because they can quickly be rotten. Only when going to some remote areas should you bring something to eat. However, remember to keep the foods in clean containers or wrap them carefully before any like a cycling Vietnam tour. Especially, water and fruits should always be included in your luggage to carry along to make sure that you always have enough energy to keep on your journey.

If you choose to have meals in the place where you come to visit, it is better to check the foods there to make sure that they are safe and ensured about quality. You should not use some kinds of foods whose origin is unknown. A popular destination for an active Vietnam travel of many tourists in the summer is beaches. It is obvious to choose seafood for meals in a trip to beaches, but it is not good to eat too much and be careful because some of us can be allergic to seafood. You should always eat other things than only seafood even when coming to these places.

Active Vietnam travel


2. Water

Normally, we often feel thirsty when going for a trip to somewhere. In fact, water occupies up to 60% in the human body, on average. Therefore, it is quite reasonable that somebody says drinking water is even more essential than eating foods. Lack of water can lead to a lot of troubles related to health. For a trip in the summer, water is needed more.

In the morning before such a hiking Vietnam tour, you should drink water. If you like, it is better to drink milk and eat some foods containing much water in them for breakfast to start an active day. If you are thirsty during the hiking, you should sometimes drink a little purified water or green tea. You should not drink too much at the same time because this action not only breaks the balance of water and salt in the body, it also creates a full feeling in your stomach, which makes you harder to continue your trip.

Active Vietnam travel

Another thing to know is that you should not drink soft drinks or eat ice cream. Although the taste is amazing and very cool, but after that, the thirst will come back quickly and you can feel even more uncomfortable, which prevent you from continuing an active Vietnam travel. Worse, the action can harm your stomach badly.

3. Sunstroke

Sun stroke is a problem that you may cope with in your trip in the summer. Without some basic steps of emergency, it can leave some dangerous symptoms. A person getting sun strokes has high body temperature. In worse situation, on the skin may appears some red spots, swollen tongue, raising heart rate and consciousness disorders.
The tip to prevent sun strokes is that tourists should implement vitamin C regularly through green vegetable and fruits, which you can carry along in your Vietnam trekking tours. You should also drink an adequate amount of water every day, especially before going out and taking part in outdoor activities.

Active Vietnam travel

If there is a person getting sun stroke, quickly bring him to the airy and shady place before putting off his clothes. After that, let him drink salute water and apply cold towels or ice on the skin places which have important arteries like underarms or neck.

4. Clothes

Remember to bring some clothes which have long sleeves to cover your body under the direct sunshine. You should carry a wide brim hat to protect your skin and hair and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet ray.
Besides, you should also carry comfortable cotton T-shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, pajamas, and underwear. You should not bring too much, but the above are enough for you to enjoy the outdoor activities on a trip in Vietnam. Furthermore, if you choose to go to a beach, it is always necessary to prepare two swimsuits to wash and change. Forget the high heels, you cannot use them for a trip like that. Instead, prepare some light sandals to be more comfortable.

Active Vietnam travel

Hopefully, with the above advice for an active Vietnam travel in the summer, you will enjoy your journey perfectly. Summer has come, if you have decided somewhere to visit, why don’t make a plan right now? And do not forget the above recommendations because they will be very helpful!