Get away from hustle and bustle of daily life, the pilgrimage with the full support of ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA to the city of temple will ensure to bring surreal experience, enriching historic knowledge, witnessing the notable architecture and moreover a difference side of human itself will be revealed, along 3 consecutive days exploring Angkor Wat, Cambodia throughout soft adventure activities.

Home of God

Angkor Wat is arguably the largest religious building in the world with approximately 500 – acre. Originally, Khmer king Suryavaman II erected the temple to dedicate to the Hindu God Vishnu in 12 th century. Then it became to dedicate to Buddish in 14th century.

Angkor Wat known as the mother of temples. It is an ideal place that visitors can find the balance point after crazy hard working in daily life. This is a place of worship so that visitors should follow the rule when come inside the centre temple such as take the shoes off before going inside, remember cover the shoulder and leg, and get the permission before taking picture, stand when monks and nun enter…

The quintessential temple architecture

A magnificent and majestic Angkor Wat oriented toward the west that is the unique point. It comprises moats, concentric wall and towers.

A moat with full of water and lush foliage wrap around the Angkor Wat, which forms like rectangle sharp.

Along the walls, which were etched sophisticatedly approximate 3000 apsara, each has its own allure. Visitors can deliberately walk around to learn the detail of artwork and historic story, carved into the wall reflect a robust and wealthy period of history.

The center temple complex represented as the architectural pinnacle of Khmer Empire, which made by laterite and consist of three storeys. And more impressive in which held gold statue of Vishnu and having hundred Buddha imagined.

Soft adventure to deeply explore Cambodia

The journey will be more exciting with the soft adventure activities, organized by ATA. Biking on small road, through the village, pagodas, under the tree line is one of the best way to see and taking photograph of the tranquility countryside, the famous places like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom or an iconic temple Bayon and TaProhm, relishing the Khmer food along the road, learning more about the local people daily activities.

Biking Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Furthermore, visitors have another choice is riding the boat on the Tonle Sap River to witness the breathtaking floating village, floating school and the fishing farm. Moreover, visitors have a chance to engage in Bon On Tuk festival, one the most important event of Khmer culture, celebrated the epic of king Jayavarman VII over the Cham.

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