Vietnam is a beautiful land with many beautiful landscapes awaiting you to explore. Nothing could be more wonderful than planning a two-week trip to Vietnam from the north to south, exploring all the majestic scenery and tasting the region’s regional dishes.

Besides, with a south to north Vietnam tour, you need to plan carefully in the beginning so that you can ensure that you do not miss any worthwhile destination. It will be hard to plan perfect for such a long journey when you have never been to Vietnam. Understand that, we will give you a hint for your voyage travel in Vietnam classic tours as follows.

Days 1-3: Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon)


 Vietnam classic tours

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You should book hotel rooms before going on Vietnam tours so that you not only can have a rest when you come to Saigon but also get to accommodated the new time zone.

After resting and regaining strength, it is time to explore this beautiful city. The 3 day period is not too long, nor too hasty to be able to roam and explore here.

Vietnam typical tours always advise you should go to The District 3 areas as the first place you should visit in Saigon. You can feel “Vietnam” atmosphere right after coming to this district which is jam packed with backpackers, street side massage parlors, hawkers, tattoo shops, food stalls, and so much more. There are so many hotels which have affordable prices here for you to book. There is no more ideal place to go first than this one if you are a backpacker.

Coming to this city, do not miss the chance to visit the war relics of Vietnam to be able to have new knowledge about the history of this beautiful land as well as have a look at other aspects of the cruel war of years. The best itinerary must be booking a day trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels and checking out the War Remnants Museum in the afternoon.
The other day left, I think you should buy a three pass from the bus station and pick your stops as Mui Ne or Nha Trang to scuba dive. I’m sure, it will be your most unforgettable memories when you come to coast cities in Vietnam.

Days 4-5: Da Lat


 Vietnam classic tours

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Dalat is a romantic little town located in the majestic mountains of central Vietnam. It is famous as the ideal stopover for honeymoon couples when they travel on Vietnam classic tours because of its poetic setting. Here you can admire the scenic spots such as the waterfalls as the clouds flow down, or the colorful gardens.

The favorite drink here is coffee. Nothing could be better than sipping a cup of coffees in the cozy space of a small cafe in this town.

If you are lovers of hiking and climbing, you should not miss the climbing plan on your schedule. Because the mountains here are more spectacular than your imagination.

Days 6-8: Hoi An


 Vietnam classic tours

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Come to this city, it must be a big waste of your south to north Vietnam tours if you don’t visit the ancient My Son which ruins dating back over years. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, you should rent bicycles to go through the ancient town which is near the ancient My Son. It is UNESCO World Heritage site too and you just need to spend haft day on exploring this place with the local markets place along the waterfront.

You can buy some clothing in the dozens of tailors in this small town. Because there is nowhere in the world you can find as cheap and quality silk as this tailor capital of Vietnam.

Your final day must be spent to head to the local beach on the rent bikes.

This place has a long stretch of coastline with golden sandy beaches. But you should head a bit further down to the beach to make sure that you can find the cheapest place to rest. Don’t sit on the chair near the beach without asking because it must belong to some restaurants.

Days 9-10: Hanoi


 Vietnam classic tours

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Hanoi is one in two biggest cities of Vietnam, make sure you have a detailed plan of Vietnam classic tours to come to every beautiful spot and try some more special dishes in this city. You can go by bus or bike around Hanoi. Visit Hoan Kiem lake and eat Trang Tien ice-cream in there is one of the most beautiful dreams of almost children in Vietnamese, try it when you have the chance.

In the evening, come to Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre to watch some puppet shows. I’m sure this must be your best memory in there because the shows not only can make you feel happy but also make you have more knowledge of traditional of Vietnam.

Days 11-13: Sapa


 Vietnam classic tours

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Sapa is in the North of Vietnam. You can rent a scooter or a motorbike to hiking and driving through the landscape of this city. Spend a couple day is enough to go through and enjoy the romantic mystery mountain rice. Make sure to go the right path to Sapa Lake where you can rent a paddle boat and sail.

In this city, you can find many homestays which have a good reputation and affordable prices. You can save a big amount of money when you stay in homestay than in a hotel.

Day 14: Back to Hanoi

The last day, you have to head back Hanoi and prepare to come back your home and come back to your daily life.
Hope you can find out what to put in your itinerary of your Vietnam classic tours.

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