Apart from the beautiful ancient sceneries and friendly citizens, tourists are also attracted to Hoi An by the delicate handmade souvenirs sold out there. If you are a visitor in Hoi An at the moment and you are still embarrassed because you do not know what you should buy to your friends and some special people, this article will provide you a list of things to buy in Hoi An as the best Vietnam travel guides. Just spend some time to look through this and you can find a suitable and meaningful gift for your dear lovers. The followings are all very popular in Hoi An ancient town so you can buy them easily during an adventure in Vietnam.

1. Lanterns

Traditional lanterns are the most popular souvenir to buy in Hoi An. It has become a symbol of this ancient town and should be noted as one best Vietnam travel guide for souvenirs to buy during their trip. Tourists can see gorgeous lanterns in different shapes and sizes along every road here. Coming to Hoi An, tourists should not ignore the lovely lanterns to buy for your friends and family as a souvenir. On average, a small lantern costs only 10,000 dongs while the bigger designs’ price will be around 100,000 dongs. In general, this is a perfect idea to buy Hoi An lantern as a souvenir for an interesting adventure travel in Vietnam because of its cheap price and beautiful designs.

best Vietnam travel guide


2. Silk

If you have taken part in some interesting outdoor activities in Vietnam, you will realize that normally, silk is one of the most favorite cloth of many people due to its smooth surface and comfortable feeling to put on. From the material of silk, clothing store can make lots of products such as clothes, handbags, silk scarves with various designs.Tourists may like silk clothes sold out in some clothing stores and after only one-day ordering, you can receive your wanted products. A silk scarf will cost you about 150,000 dongs in a clothing store in Hoi An.

Besides purchasing silk things, tourists can also experience some adventure activities in Vietnam traditional silk villages and try some interesting activities there such as weaving, spinning and silkworm rearing.

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3. Chopsticks

If Western people like to use knives or forks, Vietnamese people often use chopsticks. They are generally made of bamboos. When visitors come to Hoi An, they will see a lot of souvenir shops selling Vietnam or other countries’ chopsticks. It is not a bad idea to buy several pairs of chopsticks before leaving because indeed, this is such a significant gift after such Vietnam outdoor trip for your lovers.

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4. Carved furniture

Once going to Hoi An for a trip, you can easily see a lot of carved furniture to be sold out here. Especially, human faces carved on bamboo roots are considered one of the most interesting, unique and creative gifts to buy for friends. They are made by the skillful hands of the best carvers in Hoi An ancient town, so you never have to worry about their quality. As one from the list of best Vietnam travel guides, carved furniture in Hoi An will be an ideal souvenir to buy.

The old bamboo roots are dried under the sunshine and then they are soaked in a special anti-termite liquid before being carried to carving. The price for each of the unique gift is somewhere between 120,000 – 300,000 dongs.

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5. Pictures

Along with every road in Hoi An ancient town, tourists can see many colorful pictures being sold in a plenty of shops. A majority of them describes the traditional daily life of Vietnamese people, Vietnam sceneries, people, and clothes. If you are a beautiful picture fanatic, in a sort of cycling Vietnam tour, you just cannot pass the shops without dropping in and buying some as souvenirs for such meaningful and memorable journey.

best Vietnam travel guide

The above are just some of the very famous and popular souvenirs to be sold in Hoi An ancient town, and they are among the best Vietnam travel guides to be suggested. If you have a chance to come to Hoi An, do not forget to buy some nice gifts like this to present your friends and family. There will be nothing more meaningful to compare to.

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