It is commonly known by travelers that special places to stay or accommodation play an important role in their Vietnam adventure. Besides hotels – which are quite familiar, homestays are among most favorite ways of fostering some truly life-changing connections with the local culture. Many people choose these type of accommodation because they prioritize the genuine connection with the local culture and in-depth experiences during their tour.

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What’s a homestay?

If you choose to stay in a homestay during your adventure activities in Vietnam, then you have a chance to live with a local family in their house. You will live in a simple and bare necessities lodging place that is usually located in the heart of a rural area. Homestays are often indistinguishable from the homes of local families in the area because they are designed to immerse travelers in a local culture in the most authentic way possible and you are truly staying in the home of a family who lives there.

It is interesting to learn that you can find shared sleeping spaces and the outside environment right at your doorstep. However, it might be disappointing to know that there is no air conditioning, wireless internet, and Egyptian cotton when you spend your Vietnam adventure in here, but safety and hygiene are always a top priority even in the most simple homestays.

Vietnam adventure


Just choose a homestay and…

In a homestay, you can communicate with and understand the locals from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, which is a truly incredible experience in your Vietnam adventure holidays. That is why this option gives tourist much more in-depth experiences than a hotel does. You might have to sacrifice some comfort, but you will simply live in peace of mind and dive into an immersive experience.

To be honest, homestays are among the very scarce ways that help people understand what life looks like on the other side of the world. Just after several days or quick visits in local areas, you’ll get a snapshot of what local life is like,  witness the natural rhythm of local life up close, and have the opportunity to form much more authentic connections with your hosts. You have to forget a soft bed, air conditioning and a shiny restroom – a very worthwhile sacrifice,  to cultivate that chance in a homestay.

However, before making up your mind whether to stay in a Vietnam homestay during your adventure,  you had better evaluate the amount of time spent with locals and time for yourself.  If you totally desire to directly connect with other people as an adventurous or energetic traveler, then homestays are the perfect choice in which you happily wake in the morning to a locally cooked breakfast around an open fire, gladly skip a hot, luxurious shower for a quick rinse and a bolt out the door for trekking. In other words, choose homestays for cultural immersion and truly authentic experiences with locals.

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How about a hotel?

Clearly, hotels are much more comfortable than homestays but it is not an ideal way to make your adventure Vietnam full of authentic and immersive cultural experiences. Whether or not to choose hotels depends on the places of interests you are going to visit because hotels can either be a stone’s throw from small villages and surrounding countryside or a lengthy drive away. Generally, you can find hotels in more developed areas, and they are just a stroll away from street food spots or sight-seeing destinations.

 Vietnam adventure

However, it is still possible to connect with a culture and enjoy Vietnam outdoor activities while you spend your nights in a local hotel. That is because you can make the effort to jump aboard a bus, motorbike or bicycle to travel to rural areas. In the end, if comfort is a top priority, hotels are much more likely to provide you with the things you need to enjoy your travels.

Opting for a hotel or homestay depends on your willingness to sacrifice during your Vietnam adventure. Transfers between hotels in more urban areas to rural areas further afield can be lengthy and tiresome and may take away from the experience once you finally arrive. But staying homestays means you might feel uncomfortable. Consider carefully if these comforts are worth the sacrifice, and if you’re willing and able to make the journey while still having the energy to spare for adventure.

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