Holidays will be a perfect time for you and your family to travel, relax, discover and conquer your favorite destinations. You can choose exciting experiences such as climbing Fansipan peak – the roof of Indochina, hunting clouds in Bach Moc Luong Tu, viewing sunrise at the East pole of the country or relaxing with your family with many activities in Tuan Chau or Cat Ba island.


Recently, Bach Moc Luong Tu peak has been successfully built an inox milestone marking a new appearance for the fourth highest peak of Vietnam. Although this peak is located at the height of 3,046m, conquerors believe that the journey up is very risky because the path is quite wild and not very popular. This adventure to Bach Moc Luong Tu takes about 3 days 2 nights, starting from the mountain foot at Ky Quan San village, Sang Ma Sao commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai.

hunting-clouds-in-mount-muoi-bach-moc-luong-tu-rangePassing by piled-up mountains and high rocky slopes, the magnificent scenery with a sea of clouds and warm sunshine at the mountain peak is a valuable prize for every traveler after a long, hard journey.

In addition to the path from Sang Ma Sao commune, you can also climb up from Den Sung or Sin Sui Ho villages, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau. Like the path to Fansipan, you can climb this peak at the dry season to avoid sudden rains. You are advised to cancel your plans if it is rainy and freezing. Because paths to Bach Moc are wild, porters only bring rice and a few necessary items. Therefore, you should prepare your food carefully. Depending on every member of your group, you should travel in the evening to reach the stop place. Check your flashlight and other necessary devices for lighting. Because this journey requires a certain level of fitness, many ladies failed to climb up to the peak and stayed at the height of 1,200m. When you go down the mountain, remember to go slowly. If you go down the slope, crouch over and pull back your knees while keeping your pack balanced on your back. In case of a very high slope, you turn your face to the slope and use your hands to go down.


As the furthest location in the East of the country, Mui Doi cape, which is located at the foot of Co Ma mountain pass, Hon Gom peninsula, about 20km from 1A national road, is considered the East pole of Vietnam. The journey to the East pole starts at Dam Mon, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa. To travel to Mui Doi, you must pass by a wilderness with white sandy dunes. It may take you 5-7 hours to go through these sandy hills.

Mui-Doi-cape-VietnamAfter the sandy wilderness, you will climb a hard rocky mountain, where you even have to cling to rocks for balance. Only cactuses and sea bindweeds grow on the rocky mountain. In addition, guests can choose to travel by boat to save time. However, few people take this way because it is rather expensive and the route to Mui Doi is quite risky with reefs and unstable sea currents.

Despite its severe weather conditions with winds and sand, Mui Doi is graced with stunning scenery. Here, you can experience the magnificent nature, sky and sea. Viewing the country from the East Pole at sunrise may be an unforgettable experience to anyone.


Tuan Chau island, about 2km from the mainland, is a luxurious and modern resort with an array of indoor and outdoor activities for families with kids. Apart from the clean beach, Tuan Chau includes an outdoor recreational park, water-dancing or crocodile performances, mysterious houses, paint gun shootings, mini golf course and online game rooms. In addition, visitors can not only join in these activities but also dance and talk with lovely dolphins.

tuan-chau-islandIf you would like a longer vacation, you can stay at Tuan Chau Island Holiday Villa, the only classy resort in Halong city with nearly 300 rooms and a private beach, along with numerous entertaining services, including spa, massage, outdoor swimming pool, sauna and garden to bring you the most relaxation. You can walk in the resort, ride a bike along the paths to view the sunset, swim in the sea or the swimming pool, play tennis, and enjoy special Eurasian delicacies.

Another choice for you is Paradise Suites Hotel, combined with a cruise on board Paradise Cruises to view Halong bay. As the first and only boutique hotel in Halong bay, Paradise Suites Hotel, inspired from the natural beauty, features 108 luxury bedrooms and sophisticated European interiors with the main materials of natural wood and marble. With the forthcoming staff of the hotel, you will be offered the best tour to Halong bay and Cat Ba island. In addition, guests of the hotel are also provided package services, including air tickets, chartered flights by helicopter from Hanoi and cruises to discover the bay during the day. On board Paradise Cruises, you can relax with taichi in the morning or enjoy the spa therapies with hot stone and Jacuzzi. Besides, Carnival Halong commonly organized in late June annually is also a special event for visitors to discover this coastal city.


Bac Lieu conjures up the famous house of Bac Lieu mandarin’s son or the art of đờn ca tài tử (a kind of folk music), the intangible cultural heritage of the world.

If you would like to understand the architectural style of a Khmer pagoda in Bac Lieu, visit Xien Can pagoda. About 7km from Bac Lieu town, Xiem Can pagoda features a large and airy area. The pagoda includes a central chamber, sala (the house for monks and followers to gather before carrying the ceremonies in the center chamber), houses of monks and a tower of ashes and small temples.

xiem-can-pagoda-bac-lieu-vietnamXiem Can pagoda

With the natural mangrove forest of 160 ha, which is the homeland of more than 40 species including 60,000 birds with many rare and valuable ones, Bac Lieu bird yard is the biggest natural and wild bird yard in Bac Lieu province. This is also an exciting tourist site.

Bac Lieu is also famous for its wind farm, built on a seaside flooded area of 500 ha. Turbines with huge propellers swing in the sea winds and running kilometers along Bien Dong dyke. The bridge system allows visitors to take a closer look at the turbines. When the tide goes out, visitors can view another world of various marine creatures. The life of crabs and dragon fish takes place naturally as if the enormous turbines do not exist.

Bac-Lieu-wind-electric-power-plantBac Lieu wind electric power plants


About 150km from Hanoi, Cat Ba is a popular tourist destination for those, who would like to unwind. However, in recent years, Cat Ba attracts a large number of visitors, who like discovering and experiencing the pristine beauty of this landscape. Apart from bathing in the sea at Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3 beaches, you can dive to see corals at Monkey Island Resort.

kayaking-lan-ha-bay-vietnamIf you travel in groups, you can kayak around Lan Ha bay and enjoy the pristine beauty of the bay. You can also visit fishing villages and discover the local life. After indulging in the sea, you can try new challenges like rock climbing. Some sites for rock climbing include Lan Ha bay, Dau Be island, about 2 hours from Cat Ba tourist port, and the cliff in Ben Beo near Cat Ba center. After climbing, you can trek in Cat Ba national park to see the diversified fauna with many wild animals.

Cat-Ba-rock-climbingRock-climbing in Cat Ba island


Cham islet is located in Tan Hiep island commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam. It is about 15km from Cua Dai seashore. The tourism of the islet is aimed at the permanent and environment-friendly development. Therefore, this destination is an ideal destination for new experiences.

From Hoi An, you can travel to Cham islet by canoe or boat. It takes about 20 minutes to travel by canoe; however it is expensive and visitors cannot experience enough of local culture. Most of visitors choose to travel by boat to slowly immerse in the sea and sky here.

Cham-islet-VietnamIn Cham islet, you can hire a boat to tour around the island or dive to view coral reefs. Beaches on the island are natural and clean with smooth sand. These beaches are scattered with stones creating the diversity of strata and geomorphology. The seawater of Cham islet is so turquoise and clear that we can see tens of meters into the sea bed. As a famous reserve for its biological diversity with many valuable species, most of tours at Cham islet offer diving for coral reefs.

At Cham islet, it is essential to visit Tan Hiep market, located by the tourist wharf near Bai Lang fishing port. Visitors can walk around this peaceful market at sunrise, taste a cup of aromatic herb or wear a chain of shells.


Every visitor of Cao Bang cannot miss the mysterious beauty of the imposing Ban Gioc waterfall in the immense forest. The waterfall enchants guests with its magnificence at any time of the year.

While during October to May, the gentle and peaceful fall is stationary and pure, in the rainy season from June to September, the fall is curling through many stairs to form various falls throwing out white bubbles superbly.

Ban-Gioc-waterfall-VietnamYou can enjoy memorable and emotional experiences when you visit to Nguom Ngao cave, explore the marvelous beauty of the limestone cave with sparkling and mysterious stalactites in various shapes. Then, at the clean and picturesque Thang Hen lake situated at the height of 1000m, you can overlook to Ban Gioc waterfall and contemplate the breathtaking and poetic scenery of this wonder with enormous water pillars in the fog. In addition, you can sail a bamboo raft to view the waterfall and Quay Son river closer to feel the coolness of the fall.

Source: Vietnam Travellive

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