By Cham calendar, Kate Festival will take place on July 1st (commonly falling in late September). Kate Festival used to be the Festival of the Brahmin Cham people, yet, over recent years, Kate Festival has attracted the Bani Cham people, Kinh people, Chinese and other communities in Cham areas in Phan Thiet city.

Kate festival - Cham people - Vietnam 1The Kate Festival with theme “Tints of Posanu”, the colors of Cham culture with the symbol of Goddess and holy objects following the sexual organ worshiping religion normally takes place at the end of September.

The Kate Festival begins with the main gate-opening ceremony done by religious high-ranking officials in religious ceremonials on July 1st of Cham Calendar.

The most solemn and culture-imbued activity is Linga-Yoni Pedestal Bathing ceremonials, then Wearing Costume for the Goddess Ceremonials. Before that, the people have demonstrated the rituals of praying and carrying palanquin, in which is Goddess Posanu in costume to the tower complex B at Ong Hoang Castle in Phan Thiet. Here Tong On rite takes place.

Tong On rite takes place after the peace-praying day of Brahmin Cham people, regulated by 8 officials and 20 assistants from all villages, where the Brahmin Cham people are living. After Tong On rite, all Cham females start to wrap cakes for worshiping such as glutinous rice cakes, French caramel cakes, ginger cakes to prepare for the next ceremonials.

With the purpose of promoting Cham’s cultural and art legacy to contribute to the local tourism, in parallel with the main ceremonials, Kate Festival has many activities which were strongly characterized by Cham’s culture throughout the festival such as: art performances, folk games, brocade weaving demonstration, pottery demonstration, preparing traditional cakes and introducing Cham’s cultural products.

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