Each country has its own eating culture, different from any other countries in the world. We know about Pho of Viet Nam, Lap Khmer of Cambodia, Pad Thailand of Thailand and Khao Jee of Laos. So what about the food of Myanmar? If you have a plan to visit Yangon, this list of famous food should be with you for a cheap Myanmar tour ever!

1.Tea leaf salad

Many will make a WOW when hearing this name. Tea is popular and useful. It is really good for our health. But using tea leaf as a kind of food seem strange to everyone. A salad is popular to many people, many kinds of vegetable mixed together, it is not what you can imagine for this kind of food. Tea leaf salad includes tea leaf being cut into small pieces, fried peanuts, and cabbage. Its taste is sour and acrid, very different from other salad you have tried. This dish is often appetizer for Myanmar meal.

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If you want to get experience with this, and your Myanmar visa is done, don’t hesitate! Just one thing to remember: do not eat tea leaf salad too much if you want to sleep well at night!

2. Curry

The main food of Myanmar people, Burmese curry is popular and famous to visitors.  You can try many kinds of curry ranging from chicken, pork, beef to egg, seafood. Meat is cooked well and even together with onion to make it more special. Curry is eaten with salad, soya cheese,…Tourist can find this food in almost stores and enjoy their meal like local Burmese. In some traditional restaurants, you can even get more than what you want, you can spend time with Myanmar traditional dessert after a meal. Very interesting, right?

3. Fried food

Myanmar people like this kind of food so much, so it is very popular and easy to buy many kinds of fried food at any corners. Food in round, triangular, rectangle, square and shape, almost is made of rice flour. Burmese use coconut fiber, sesame seed, tomatoes, curry powder …to make many kinds of cakes. This is also similar to Vietnamese. In every Burma tours, tourists can easily see these cakes being sold along the street.
Some famous cakes can be named are E Kya Kway( eaten with tea, coffee, and soup), Mont let saung, deep-fried samosas, spring rolls, savory fritters…Enjoying these cakes won’t cost you much money, so to have a great and cheap Myanmar tour with friends, you can write this down on your list of Myanmar must try food of your own.

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4. Noodles

Like Viet Nam, Burmese also like noodles and they have many famous kinds of noodles can name such as Nangyi thoke, mohinga, and Shan-style noodle.
You can have great experiences during the time in Yangon with these dishes. Each has its own taste and all are famous to tourists. Many Myanmar travel companies will make a list of food for you to choose and they often suggest these kinds of noodle.

Nangyi thoke is the most famous kind and beloved by tourists. They can enjoy thick round noodles with chicken, egg, and fish, of course too. Yellow noodles with good taste from other ingredients will make it a great dish to try. You can easily to find good places for this, of course,

Mohingais very popular. It is known as Myanmar tradition food. It makes visitors never forget their Myanmar travel tour. They can enjoy noodle in hearty, herbal-based broth, together with fish and crunchy path of the banana tree. Burmese often have this as their breakfast, but you can also find it in many shops during day time.

Shan-style noodles is named after main ethnic group of Myanmar.  Recipe of this food is very simple. Rice noodles is boiled and used in hot broth, eaten with chicken and pork together with sesame seed. Its taste is great and very famous to visitors. To get unforgettable memories for a cheap Myanmar tour, this should be listed in your mind.

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5. Drink

During Myanmar short tours, to help your meal better and help you enjoy more cakes, Lime juice and Tea Mix are what Myanmar travel companies suggest you.
Lime juice is popular and cheap. You can find Lime juice everywhere, from the market, supermarket to small shop or along the street. It is popular because almost food is sweet and be fried, so you really need fast and cool drink during the meal.

Another kind of drink is the tea mix, it means tea is mixed with milk, but taste quite strange and very interesting. It is often available in many tea shops. This is where people can meet and take a rest during their day time. In some tea shop, they also prepare many kinds of dumlings, to help visitors and light meal for breakfast or lunch.

Just one day in Yangon-8 hours is enough to enjoy all these kinds of food. Don’t miss to book a cheap Myanmar tour for your holiday and have great time with friends ever.

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