Last Wednesday a powerful earthquake struck at 5:04 p.m. local time in Central Myanmar. Its epicenter was 143 km west of Meiktila city, 25km east of Chauk town (which is 34km south of Old Bagan) and 58km northwest of Yenangyaung city. 
A statement of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said that the preliminary magnitude of the quake was at 6.8 and it hit at a depth of about 84.1 km. According to estimation from computer models of this organization, about 41.8 million people across the region may have felt the temblor, comprising 1.5 million people who may have experienced strong shaking. Tremors were felt across the region as well, involving in contiguous Bangladesh, eastern India, Thailand, Laos and China, making panicky residents rush onto streets.

As for Myanmar, its Department of Relief and Resettlement notified at least 4 people were deceased after the quake, including 1 dead in Pakokku and 2 deaths in Yenangyaung. Other details about casualties were not yet declared.
Myanmar’s Ministry of Information stated about 187 stupas, pagodas, temples and other structures were ruined or collapsed in several cases. Damage was reckoned in Salin town and majorly Bagan ancient town, which features more than 2,200 antique religious monuments.
Among the victims in Bagan, there are a few famed temples such as Htilominlo, Sulamani, Dhammayangyi and Pya That Gyi. However, no reports of damage of mainly visited temples in this archaeological site are available until now.

The earthquake also spread its affection to Mrauk U – another Myanmar attraction – after a 15-second-long shaking, resulting in damage to three Buddhist shrines, namely Koe Thaung temple, Yandan Man Aung pagoda and Yadana pagoda, flowing to U Kyaw Lwin, a senior official from Rakhine State’s Department of Relief and Resettlement.
The national organization is continuing to collect data of damage.

This natural disaster occurred while Myanmar Government is trying to submit Bagan to be inscribed on the list of UNESCO Heritages.

Here are some photos of the earthquake in Myanmar on 24th Aug 2016. 

Earthquake in Myanmar
The earthquake struck at 5:04 p.m. local time

Most stupas have tips fell

Sulamani temple after the earthquake
Sulamani Temple after the earthquake

Dhammayangyi temple after the earthquake
Dhammayangyi temple after the earthquake

Cleaning in Htilomino temple after the earthquake

Cleaning in Htilomino temple after the earthquake
The military cleans Htilominlo temple after the earthquake

Travelers are still able to visit Bagan
Travelers are still able to visit Bagan.

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