Nay Pyi Taw has been Myanmar capital city since the year 2005. Huge gaps between few ministries, malls, government buildings and hotels become the feature of this place and there are separate ‘zones’ having hotels preferred by a foreign tourist. These hotels are placed in hotel zones which are quite ideal for you to take Myanmar luxury tours.


Recently, Nay Pyi Taw has been in charge of many events of the large scale, such as World Economic Forum or the Southeast Asian Games. That is why this city has a big motivation for the development of the infrastructure of accommodation and you will have to consider more choices of hotels with reasonable prices for your luxury travel Myanmar.

Many conferences or events are held in the huge International Convention Centres (MICC 1 or 2) of Nay Pyi Taw, both of which are near the major zones of hotels, have quick and free wifi. Different from other places in the country, Nay Pyi Taw’s hotels are always equipped with electricity and excellent internet access.

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Nay Pyi Taw’s priority may be related to the governmental business but it has a  rich variety of interesting things for people to enjoy themselves:
The Water Fountain Park is an ideal destination for your Myanmar excursions and there you can see most exotic sunset scene. Another attraction lies in the fountain show in which you can see fountains dance gracefully on the accompaniment of some music. It is also a large area for playing with the tower which tourists might climb up for broad views over this city.

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Uppatasanti Pagoda is the replica of the pagoda of Shwedagon in Yangon and it was built in the year 2009. Its impressive beauty has added more attraction to this city because tourists can travel inside the domed interior. The pagoda was constructed just 30cm shorter than the Shwedagon so that its historically revered counterpart cannot be upstaged. There are 6 white elephants outside which are seemed auspicious but quite depressing view actually.

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The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw offers tourists an opportunity to see the biggest highway of Nay Pyi Taw in Myanmar. This highway has 12 empty road lanes for you to enjoy luxury tours. Usually, tourists can see Hluttaw from a faraway place, but with a pre-arranged permit, you can join a guided tour to buildings. The permits can be given to you within at least 10 days and you will be required to show your passport page for a scan.

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There are towering statues with 3 old kings which are seemingly designed for the generals’ power. This is also a feature easily found on postcards of Myanmar and there is often the accompaniment of military parades. In fact, there is a limit on the numbers of visitors on Myanmar day tour to this place.

After a 45- minute drive to the northeast of this city, you can see a lot of things such as a planetarium, safari park a zoo, Defence Services Museum, SEA Games athletics complex and a sprawling place in which most beautiful exhibits are displayed. Moreover, you can take a  climb on boats, old tanks, planes, rockets, and helicopter.

You can travel to the south for the favorable National Landmark Garden. This park covers around 400 acres and it is constructed in the form of Myanmar. In this place, you can be driven to golf buggies and admire popular sights of the country. It costs around $10 each foreigner which includes a guided tour lasting 60 minutes, not places like haunted house, the log flume, and bumper carts. You can fine 2 large observatory towers on the grounds where you will be given spectacular views.

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You will pay about K40,000 for a taxi trip from any Nay Pyi Taw hotel. In case you want ot take a detour of 15 minutes on the way back, you should be ready for many beer stations on the river of Sittang. These places are an ideal place for drinking and eating a little bit before you continue your Myanmar luxury tours.