In every corner of a society full of mods and gadgets as well as automation, many traditional practices all over the wold have fallen into oblivion for times. However, due to the fact that Myanmar was closed for years from other countries, several skills of Burmese people are still in their primary form. Not only for tourists on Myanmar tours, these skills are also maintained for raising families.
Tourists can pay a visit to pottery workshops in a riverside town called Twante, which is situated in the delta of Ayerawaddy. This town cannot be seen from a traditional map for tourists so many of the experiences are the true one for the rural areas in Myanmar.

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Pots found in the Pottery Town of Twante


In the country of Myanmar, people believe that the majority of posts come from the town Twante while its proximity to the city of Yangon only even helps more in a broader reach. These pots are always made from the soil dug out of the delta of Ayerawaddy. This soil contains a lot of clay content. As soon as you come to a typical pottery workshop on Myanmar travels & tours, you can notice large soil mounds as well as the final products of large pots in bright colors and carefully arrange in neat straight lines.

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A pottery artisan in the town  Twante of Myanmar


A pottery workshop is normally a thatched setup of mud walls which might come from the same kind of mud used to create pots. Coming into a pottery workshop, tourists can see various tools, together with burning furnaces as well as areas for potters to work.

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Posts are being made in a typical pottery workshop of Twante, Burma


These artisans are locals and their families have relied on this old art for many centuries. They kept working in this field despite its considerably smaller incomes than that of working on paddy fields on the Ayerawaddy delta which is very fertile.

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A shed of pottery in Twante, the delta of Irrawaddy delta


Visiting the pottery workshops in this town costs tourists nothing and people can easily walk through and admire how the work is carried out from the start to the end during Burma tours. However, if a tourist wants to contribute to the lives of villages, they can donate as much as they can because even $3 equals a lot of things to these people.

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A pagoda at Twante, Burma


Pottery workshops in Myanmar can be a major attraction for visitors on tours to this pottery town, but you can go to visit the pagoda of Twente which has some similarities in terms of design as well as structure with the pagoda of Shwedagon. However, the outstanding part lies in free charge for all kinds of people. After the visit to this pagoda, you can take some time to walk around a nearby riverside or even ride on a boat of the long tail on the delta waters.

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Typical Pottery workshops in Twante of Myanmar


For those interested in making their hands get dirty, they can join the workers working in paddy fields during the day. This experience can be extremely attractive when it is planting or harvest period.

To reach the town Twante, you can start your trip from the city Yangon. You are advised to leave early in the morning, probably 7 or 8 AM. Do not forget the passport as well as US Dollars, then just get on a ferry departing from the ferry terminal called Pansodan to Dalla. A way of this trip costs you each around US$1. Tourists may take a taxi from Dalla to Twante, which is about 2500 kyat each person; or go on a public bus at 500 kyats per tourist. This means of transport is not fast, but it means a wonderful way to learn about the traditional culture of the local people on your Myanmar travel tour.

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The Myanmar Tri-Shaw and its owner


For travel within Twante, one can hire a tricycle. Full Myanmar tours around this city on a tricycle for 2 people should cost you 2500 kyat, but you can pay more if you feel like as these tricycle drivers are poor and do a lot of hard work. For your return, you can follow everything similar to the onward journey and if you feel like you can spend some time at the Dalla local market to see how the locals go about their business and what products are consumed by the local Myanmar people in this belt.

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