July, it’s the time rice fields in Bắc Sơn Valley, Lang Son Province start to change color, attracting hundreds travelers and photographers from all over the world to record one of the most beautiful moment in year.

Bac Son valley

Known as the Green Paradise on Earth, Bac Son Valley is situated 250 miles south of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, and it is an ideal place for agriculture.

bac son

bac son valley vietnam

bac son valleyOne interesting aspect about this valley is its incredibly high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters high. From the high peak of mountains, the valley’s paddy fields become such a great scenic landscape that you can never see anywhere else.

bac son

It can be said that early morning and the sunset is the two most beautiful moment of Bac Son Valley. In Bac Son, different paddy fields have different harvest seasons, which brings visitors a good chance to see the harmonious beauty of green and yellow rice fields.

bac son in morning

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