With thousands of ancient temples spread throughout the country, Myanmar brings to visitors a sense of serene air wherever they are. Here are also fascinating visitors by pristine wilderness, Unique custom of river lives. And the best way to explore this country is going on River cruises Myanmar in 12 days. These are the detail of the journey.



 River cruises Myanmar
Yangon city – Photo: Yangon tours

Check in by 11:15 am then settle before leaving the bustle of downtown Yangon and head to the Twante Canal which connects the Irrawaddy River and the Yangon River.

You will go through urban and rural, see rows of green vegetables by the side of the canal, or some man fishing by a long bamboo line. Twante town is also famous for ceramics which worth you a glance.

At the end of the first day in 12 days Myanmar cruise tours, we will dock at a riverside beach names Nyaung Tong.


In morning of the second day, we will explore a charming small town of Danuphyu. This town is a historical place where General Maha Bandula led the Burmese fight against the British during the First Anglo-Burmese war in 1825.

Visit this town by trishaw, come to the Pagoda of Tyuakalon Pun as so as the Maha Bandula monastery.
In the second day night of this Myanmar cruise, we will have dinner and sleep overnight on board.



 River cruises Myanmar
Akauk Taung Caves – Photo: Latefornowhere

Whole the third day of cruises in Myanmar will be spent sailing and making your eyes satisfied with the magnificent tamarind trees, the villages, the green paddy fields, pagodas dot in the distant hills.

We will sail past the Akauk Taung Caves in the afternoon. This is time for you to take the best photos ever of truly staggering caves.

DAY 4 + 5: PYAY


 River cruises Myanmar
Shwe Myet Hman Pagoda – Photo: Flowery land

The 4th will be spent heading the town of Pyay where places a charismatic dock and a startlingly beautiful pagoda. Explore the local market and the city center in the morning then go to the ancient city of Sri Ksera which is listed as World Heritage status in 2014.

The next morning come to the small town of Shwe Taung, visit the Shwe Myet Hman Pagoda – the place the Buddha photo wears the gold sunglasses. Take a break to eat lunch on board then sailing in the whole afternoon.
At the end of the 5th day of the river cruises Myanmar, we will dock in Thayet.


Go on foot to see the charming colonial house and the mystical white pagodas in rural Thayet. There is also the first golf course of Myanmar which was built by the British in 1887.
Sail from Thayet to Minhla in the afternoon of the 6th day.



 River cruises Myanmar
Minhla Fort – Photo: Irrawady

Firstly, we will walk to the two brick Minhla Forts – a construction from the 13th century. It is also the witness of the Third and final Anglo-Burmese war. Then sail to Magwe after visiting the hilltop Myat Than Lun Paya pagoda – an extraordinary building with of Ayeyarwady. All of them will be the most unforgettable memories in your cruises in Myanmar.



 River cruises Myanmar

Yoke Sone Kyaung monastery – Photo: Travel awesome


Wake up early in the morning of the 8th day to see the scenery and lives on the riverbank. Sail past Pakan Lay village with temple ruins place along the banks. Then come to Sale where is ideal to wander around by trishaw to explore Yoke Sone Kyaung monastery – a steak building and Tha-ta-na Kyaung – a small temple with bamboo Buddha image.

DAY 9 + 10: BAGAN


 River cruises Myanmar
Bagan – Photo: Crossover

Sail to Bagan where have many attractions waiting for you to explore. The ancient village of Myinkaba where is the center of the craft of lacquerware then is the jaggery workshop produces unrefined sugar. The next destination of this Myanmar cruises are some more extraordinary ancient temple of Bagan: the Ananda Temple built in 1091 AD – one of four great temples in Bagan, Htilominlo Temple built around 1211 AD – a two-storey red-brick temple,
Pyathatgyi Temple where you can see the light change mysteriously.

The end of the 9th day of cruises in Myanmar is the magic moment while the sun is setting behind the hills on the Irrawaddy River.

Next day, we will explore bustling Nyaung U local market where you can find a variety of goods. Then go to great golden Shwezigon Pagoda where places two bones and a copy of a tooth of the Gautama Buddha.

After all, return to the board and sailing upstream towards Sagaing. There are many interesting activities waiting for you in the afternoon such as longyi (sarong), thanaka (cosmetic) demonstration, a talk on Myanmar.



 River cruises Myanmar
Sin Kyun village – Photo: Herald

We will enjoy the passing countryside as sailing in the morning in day 11 of Myanmar cruises. Then stop by Sagaing hills and breathtaking Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda with several of the pagodas and monasteries along the hill.
Eating dinner while enjoying a local performance on board to end the 11th day of the cruise.

The last day, we will wake up early and visit the village of Sin Kyun. Less than 1000 inhabitants live here. You can see they make the hat in traditional methods and see how they fight with the nature to grow foods.
We will arrive at Mandalay at 9:45 am for check out.

Hope you get unforgettable river cruises Myanmar!

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