Experience a day discovering Vientiane in brand new ways.

1. A croissant for breakfast

Savoring a croissant and a cup of espresso coffee is a great way to greet morning in Vientiane. You can come to Le Croissant d’Or on Nokeo Khoummane street, both have breakfast and contemplate the city’s life slowly passing over. With just only a croissant, you are able to recharge enough energy to begin a journey discovering the city a whole day.

croissant-Vientiane2. Cycling to pagodas

When air is still cool, let grab a bike or a tuk tuk and head to Pha That Luang, a splendid stupa with unique Lao architectural style 4km north-east of the city’s heart. According to the legend, the main stupa’s interior has preserved relics of Buddha, comprising a single hair and many valuables. Pha That Luang is the world’s cultural heritage site and also the national emblem, which is present at Laos’ money notes.

vientiane-cyclingOn the way back, you are likely to drop in Patuxai Victory Monument. It is 55m high, 4-sided with 7 main floors and 2 extra stories. As the pride of Lao people, it was modelled on Arc De Triomphe of Paris (France) but has still kept distinct features majorly affected by Buddhism. It has great panoramic views from its peak deck.

There are small fees for entering Pha That Luang as well as ascending the top of Patuxai

3. Try coffee nohm

The locals in Vientiane commonly drink a traditional kind of coffee which is sold from street vendor carts parked kerbside, called as coffee “nohm”. Brewed with ground robusta coffee beans and mixed with sweetened condensed milk, coffee nohm is strong such an extent that you can’t bear a spoon of it. It either makes you spit out in a wry way or fascinate or addict for life. So, let try stop at a vendor cart and enjoy this typical cup of coffee.

coffee-nohm-vientiane4. For lunch: Vietnamese food or Lao cuisine

Find Vietnamese restaurant PVO on Simeaung Road, you will be served best attractive Vietnamese food in town.

To enjoy Lao food, you can have meals in Makphet, a restaurant of the innovative non-government organization Friends-International, where disadvantaged children are educated in cooking and become staff of the restaurant later. It helps unlucky kids to build a future as chefs and waiters while reviving the country’s traditional cuisine. Numerous yummy Lao dishes are offered here, especially “lap” (minced meat with ground rice, coriander, chili sauce and mint), and hibiscus flower tea enjoyed with lemon juice.

 Makphet-restaurant-VientianeMakphet restaurant

5. Learn about the terrible history

Laos has a sorrowful past because of war; and to learn about that horrible history, you can arrive COPE Visitor center. From 1964 to 1973, the American army dropped over 260 million cluster bombs on Laos, making it become the world’s most heavily bombed nation. Approaching 30% of these bombs failed to detonate, causing 20,000 deaths or injuries so far. Reaching the center, you will perceive the history that Lao people underwent. The money donated here has been used to make artificial limbs for victims affected by bombs and mines.

COPE-Visitor-center-VientianeStatues made from unexploded ordnance outside COPE Visitor Center –
Photo: 180 Degrees West

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6. Shopping at cool afternoon

If you want to buy stylish clothes, let find to Couler d’Asie, where focuses lots of fashion shops. Or joining the throngs of the locals, promenading along the Chao Anouvong park near Mekong river, you will see stalls displayed handicrafts, clothes or other knick-knacks.

Chao-Anouvong-parkChao Anouvong park

7. Drink Lao beer and contemplate sunset

When the sun is down, you can get to Baw Pennyoung bar to see twilight. The beer is great and the views are the best in town. You can order an iced bottle of beer, sip each mouthful and look toward Mekong river.

sunset-beer-Vientiane-3Photo: mattandalliswalkabout

8. Have dinner at Lao Kitchen

This is one of places serving many good traditional dishes with rustic, sour tastes and rich savors in fresh herbs, beloved by many travelers. Reaching stylish Lao Kitchen on Hengboun street, you can enjoy lap, lam (a stew dish seasoned with pepper bark) added jaew bong (chili paste) and fried river weed, Lao sausages, casseroles and grilled fish. Apart from Lao Kitchen, you can visit Vieng Savanh to eat the noodle dish with sausage and peanut.

Lao-KitchenLap at Lao Kitchen

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