Accommodation is usually concerned a lot because it can often make or break a travel experience. Finding the right place to stay in Vietnam means you have got a chance to experience your Vietnam adventure travel in the right direction. Throughout Vietnam, accommodation choices are various so now we will give you some guide to on one of the most popular forms of accommodation called homestays.

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What does staying in a homestay refer to?

The term of “homestay” is quite clear in its meaning: It refers to nature where homestays are often located, providing guests a much more authentic and intimate experience.  During your Vietnam adventure holidays, you will live in quite literally a converted house that has been opened for lodging foreign guests. It comes different in properties, ranging from quaint single-bed quarters to lavish, multi-room suites with balconies, kitchens, private living areas, and more. You might be appealed by meals served here in a common area to relax in. Also, you can have much mores space for interaction with locals than in a traditional hotel.

 Vietnam Adventure Travel


Why a homestay?

Among a lot of reasons why many people choose homestays to join Vietnam outdoor activities, gaining new experiences is the major one. Living in homestays gives you unique insights into everyday life in Vietnam, from morning rituals and daytime routines to the quiet hours of the early evening. You can not only see the local life on display but also get involved into, providing yourselves a rich and rewarding experience. You can engage in conversations about life in Vietnam, make new friends, and open up to new experiences and foreign cultures…

Besides, the location of a homestay might be appealing enough for people to choose to stay during their Vietnam adventure travel. While you can find big name resorts and hotels line in the more popular areas of town, homestays are generally located, well, near local homes! You can stay away from the busy tourist districts of a destination to enjoy the life in the heart of villages, down tiny lanes, amidst farmlands and rice paddies, or far off the beaten path. There is no need to reach touristic areas for the most unique and memorable experiences, the scenery around homestays are worthing “must-see” and “must-do”, too.

 Vietnam Adventure Travel

Last, another main reason for choosing homestays is for the low price. Unless the homestay is offering some exceptionally lavish interiors, the price is generally equal or less than that of a mainstream, mid-market hotel. However, you must get ready to sacrifice because homestays generally provide a modest form of accommodation, with fewer amenities and on-site facilities than big name hotels. No fitness center, lap pool, or sauna, you may find yourself indulging in more local adventure activities in Vietnam such as relaxing in a private backyard, spending time with the local family, or maybe even helping in the farm or garden!

The experience of our lives

Across the country, there are now many areas and regions that offer their own unique homestay experiences. A homestay in the city can actually offer a very unique and different view on life in the concrete jungle. It will open up the tiny lanes and hidden alleyways that you’d otherwise never dare to venture down for fear of the unknown. Alternatively, homestays in more rural areas are perhaps the most popular as mentioned above. If you are eager for a more relaxing retreat during your adventure travel, homestays along the coast of  Vietnam are one of the best means of enjoying Vietnam’s beaches. In here, you may have a secluded path that leads from your backdoor all the way down to the ocean… at a quarter of the beach resort prices!

Finally, one of a unique homestay experiences is found in the far north of the country known as Sapa.  You will find themselves sharing a roof with the country’s colorful ethnic groups, who have arranged their modest homes to sleep, guests.  Simple but comfortable accommodation, mosquito netting, fans, local entertainment delicious home cooked meals and so much more awaiting you in your adventure Vietnam.

Vietnam Adventure Travel

Each tourist has their own favorite and decision when it comes to Hotel vs. Homestay. If comfort is not your top high priority, it may be best to book several nights in a homestay. The experience is fantastic because you can be entirely immersed in another’s culture while on Vietnam adventure travel.