If you have yet to have any idea of where to visit and go shopping, you should not be worried because our tips are always available for you. Here are the most famous shopping malls in Burma in which you will see many rare and high-quality things for your cheap Myanmar tours:

1. Bogyoke Aung San Market

On a visit to a particular place, it is advisable to see its places of local people. This will give you a clear and interesting insight into the country you are traveling in as well its culture. So, in the end, you can have a lot to share on the topic of your Burma tours. Bogyoke Aung San Marke used to be called Scott Market. It is situated in the center of the city Yangon and this place is a symbol of the colonial era as well as architecture. Shopkeepers in this market are quite friendly while you can easily buy tapestries, wood carvings, cotton fabric lacquerware, and silk. You should spend time on searching for what to buy in Myanmar so that you can take advantages of your trip to this market.

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2. J’s Irrawaddy Dream

J’s Irrawaddy Dream is an ideal destination for anyone who is searching for some special handicrafts made locally and then tourists can have cheap Myanmar tours. This place is specialized in all types of silk fabric, crafts, jewelry, lacquerware and Buddhist statues that are very difficult to find at any other places. The best thing about this shopping site lies in it displaying both antique and contemporary pieces of art. If you desire to bring any kind of Myanmar souvenirs or memorable pieces home on your own as presents for your friends and families, Myanmar Shopping Mall is recommended.

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3. Blazon Shopping Centre

This shopping center appeared in 2000 and it has now become a main shopping one in the country with various famous brands like Guess, Adidas or Espirit. This center has three stories, the first of which demonstrates a lot of branded clothes and it also offers a wonderful experience of entertainment for young children. There is a separate section for kids in which parents leave their kids there so that they can do some shopping. Apart from the shopping mall, this place also contains a huge supermarket indoors which has many different products and satisfy any kind of needs from tourists on their Myanmar holidays.

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4. Taw Win Centre

The Taw Win Centre is situated on the road of Pyay while the latest renovation in this shopping mall lies in the city of Yangon. This mall has five floors and it demonstrates many top-branded furniture, clothing, jewelry, and electronics. Another interesting fact about this shopping mall is all about 3D Cineplex, game center, the largest book shop in Yangon, The Body Shop and hair products by Paul Mitchell.

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5. Sein Gay Har Super Centre

Like Taw Win Centre, this is also one of the newest shopping center constructed in this country. However, it is marginally older. This mall’s shops mainly focus on clothes, apart from a number of eateries like Burger Star, electronic appliances, cosmetics, mobile goods, and shop of ice cream as well as an incredible collection of liquor. The most interesting fact about the center is that its prices are relatively cheaper and products of high quality for you to enjoy holidays to Myanmar.

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6. Jewelry Souvenirs & Treasure Land Gems

Bringing souvenirs home is a good idea in order to maintain a healthy collection of your own.  Jewelry Souvenirs & Treasure Land Gems own a wonderful collection of handicrafts and gemstones such as jade or rubies, puppets (Marionettes), traditional jewelry and tapestry. This shop was constructed in the year 1996 so it is very reliable when it comes to the quality of products. You should learn more about  Myanmar Gold Shop to find out more interesting places for shopping souvenirs in Myanmar.

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Myanmar is famous for its own traditional products; however, the appearance of brand new shopping centers has brought more attractiveness to this country’s culture as well as tourist attractions, which can offer tourists cheap tours.

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